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Delivering Innovation

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Robolitics™ - Latest Generation Compliance Solution
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The "Compliance Appliance"

"Compliance in a Box" for Smaller Regulated Business

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Cross Asset Class, Cross Regulation Compliance

AML, Financial Crime, Market Abuse, Trade Surveillance, Transaction Monitoring & KYC

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Reducing False Positives

Using AI and "Machine Supported Learning"

Cutting Operational Cost

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Integrated Mobile KYC Solution

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Low Cost Compliance for Fintech Business

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Financial Sector Specific Editions

Focused on the needs of your sector.

About Us

Heliocor is a software business focused on providing regulatory technology to the financial services sector. We also provide business and technology consultancy in the area of regulation.

Our business team is based in London, our technology team in Barcelona.  We help our clients reduce barriers and improve understanding between business, risk & compliance, and technology, reducing the costs of operation in the process.

Regulatory Expertise

Decades of banking experience in trading, risk, operations, regulation, and technology. 

We sit across the three main teams: Compliance, Business, and Technology. We use our understanding of the requirements to help ensure all parties have the same level of understanding, building common knowledge, vocabulary, and driver appreciation.





Reducing False Positives and increasing Real Positive identification. 360-degree view of historic issues, clustering, dip testing, and graphic data representation to reduce workloads and lower the costs of alert management.  AI monitoring identifies new threats, risks, and attacks as they appear.


Know Your Customer

The Ultimate Know Your Customers solution. Integrates customer on-boarding and customer risk management and provides secure document storage, reducing Cost and simplifying the revalidation process.

Transaction Monitoring

A multi regulation engine, providing real-time supervision for real-time payment businesses.

AML and Financial Crime

A fully integrated platform for monitoring PEP, Sanctions, & Internal Watch Lists. Exploits Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to reduce False Alerts.


GDPR compliant document management with integrated mobile apps for document capture and sharing. Ensures documents are held securely and are always the latest version.

Trade Surveillance

Goes beyond the baseline requirements with adaptive analytics to monitor alerts and report manipulation and abuse. Gives you the ability to quickly create and configure new Robots to Monitor for specific, internal behaviours.

Data & Risk Compliance

Meets the needs of BCBS 239 with real-time data flow monitoring to identify breaks in data flows.

Mobil KYC

Simplifies document management in KYC. A secure document repository via mobile phone app simplifies KYC re-validation processes.



KYC & Financial Crime for Fintech

The Compliance Appliance - The High-performance, high-coverage compliance platform. The low entry cost solutions for Fintech Business's.


AML Directive 4 & 5

A global platform, using risk-based deep learning to Monitor, Alert, and Report Money Laundering and Terrorist Funding. Monitors for unusual and suspicious behaviours in real-time.

Market Abuse Surveillance

Monitors market movements for patterns of abuse and identifies suspicious internal and external behaviour. Provides text-based and voice-based collusion.


Real-time Monitoring & Reporting to ensure MiFID Compliance. Best Execution Evidencing & Reporting. Front office information sources for client value and performance.

Regulatory Reporting

Automating the Regulator Reporting process from the master source of trades and transactions.


Regulatory Technology Platform Enhancements

Making current platforms more effective and cost efficient

"It was so much easier to deliver a volatile project knowing that the whole team could be sat with me when I needed them rather than worrying about visas and flights ...."

RH - Financial Services

"....We had a major change in focus and priorities from the business midway through development, ... two days later I had the team back on-site working through the implications and impacts, because we could all sit together it was easy to understand the issues and interdependencies put together a plan that everyone that the business accepted and understood ......"

KS - Financial Services

"its great to find an alternative to Indian Off-shoring, yes its a little more expensive but my CFO and COO understand the savings we achieve in the long run having because we are in control of the team and they are able to keep up with changes because people are on site when we need them...."

PSC - Financial Services