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Robolitics™ – Technical Overview

Robolitics™ is more than a technology tool; its compliance in a box.


A single solution to your regulatory needs:

  • MiFID 2 - Evidencing Transparency and best execution
  • MAD/MAR2 – Providing market and trader malfeasance transparency
  • Financial Crime / AML - Complex heuristic for identifying patterns of abuse
  • KYC - CDD / EDD and GDPR compliant processes with secure Block Chain mobile application.
  • BCBS239 – Data quality management and evidencing

Compliance Monitoring and Managing Requests for Information

Robolitics™ exploits the latest emerging technologies to create a single solution that simplifies and speeds up your compliance process and supports your relationships with regulators.


1.    Manages the recording and monitoring of high volumes of data including, trades, quotes and market prices (across asset classes) in real time to ensure evidence of best execution is captured, and monitors for malfeasance and identify process failures.

2.    Exploits the use of big data analytics technologies to provide real-time monitoring and big data platforms to manage, ingest, hold, and analyse what can amount to petabytes of complex, rapidly-changing data sets.

3.    Provides Alerts that surface not only the specific events but also any similar prior activity or previously uncategorised activity to the compliance team, speeding up the analysis and categorisation and escalation processes.

4.    Reduces cost to manage false positives more effectively, requiring less manual oversight and intervention using machine supported learning.

5.    Provides tuneable interfaces, enabling you to explore impact of changing data management sensitivities and manage and review trade related activity.

6.    Updates easily; an upgraded solution ensures your platform is current and conformant.

7.    Provides tooling for responding rapidly to regulator requests for information.

How does it work

Our Robots work independently. They are configured to trawl and analyse your data set looking for specific triggers.  They will analyse client, user, and trade data, monitoring processes and linking behaviours and time series activity to identify breaches of the “standards” expected by your organisation and the regulators. 

  • They include standard malfeasance models and processes required by regulators, but are configurable and tuneable to your business operation and trading activities to reduce the number of false positives.
  • They comply with regulatory expectations, and deliver the bespoke capability that the regulator wants and that other solutions cannot easily support.
  • You can adapt their sensitivity to ensure that you’ll neither be swamped by reports, nor will you miss tell-tale examples of near misses and malfeasance.
  • They provide the ability to recalibrate and reanalyse the data at any point to identify previously-missed malfeasance and to categorise false positives and near misses.

Alerts can then be either:

  • Marked as a near miss and flagged for near miss reporting, increasing the sensitivity parameters used to monitor that individual in future, or
  • Recorded as suspicious and escalated internally and externally.


During the escalation process, Robolitics can also be configured to surface other similar historic “below the radar” findings to ensure the investigatory officer is presented with a complete case, reducing investigation time and costs.    

Why choose a Robolitics™ solution

To understand why your organisation should buy the Robolitics platform, consider the strengths and benefits of our solution versus the limitations of the current market leading alternatives.

  • Our Solution is based on the latest technology solutions including proven technologies that run the internet, as opposed to competitor products that are two technology generations behind which emerged from reporting rather than compliance.
  • It’s real real-time and multi asset class, and designed around the drivers of MiFID 2 and MAD/MAR2.
  • It captures market pricing and quote data.
  • It’s fast, and can identify historical patterns and findings instead of just focusing on the latest issue.  Our solution exploits the natural speed benefits of Hadoop and the flexibility of columnar databases.
  • Low cost of entry and lower cost to maintain – Existing products are hard to customise and are tightly-coupled to the nature of the client’s business.  Our competitors need major upgrades to meet regulatory changes and are complex and costly. 
  • Our modular approach simplifies changes in the same way apps on mobile phones have a lean upgrade model, as compared to the traditional approach of reinstallation and reconfiguring.

Not just for the tier 1 banks

Robolitics™ is a scalable solution that enables you to cover one or more asset classes. It’s tailored to your business size and operational practices.  This supports you in satisfying your regulatory requirements without needing a solution out of scale with your business model.

Our current edition focuses on compliance coverage within Capital Market, Asset Management, Brokerage, and the Hedge Funds market.  Insurance, Wealth Management, and Retail editions are on their way.

Our choice to start with big data is based on its speed and flexibility rather than on a need to manage large data sets (although that does help in many cases).  Our technology leadership is based upon on the latest, widely-proven database architectures (Hadoop is the technology that drives Google).  It is considerably faster than the current market solutions that are based on relational database architectures.  This enables / improves real real-time analysis and a true 360˚ view. 

Our proposition also:

  • Copes with the small or huge volumes of transactions across multiple asset classes
  • Provides coverage quotes and prices as well as trades
  • Meets the requirements for real-time control
  • Enables the user to configure the sensitivity of the algorithms to their organisation
  • Is easily upgradable as regulations evolve
  • Enables Machine Supported Learning to improve effectiveness and reduce cost

Provides a repository capable of supporting real time analysis of at least 5 years of history, and will therefore support a rapid response to requests from the regulator.