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Heliocor is a regulatory, technology and consulting company that wants to change the way the world does business. We help our clients cope with the ever-changing demands of regulation by delivering solutions that meet compliance and regulatory requirements, specifically in the area of fraud detection and prevention.

We produce software focused on providing regulatory compliance within the financial services sector, helping the sector address the excesses of the previous couple of decades and helping it re-establish its once trusted and steadfast status.

The senior management team has decades of experience working at, and for, some of the world’s leading finance companies. We know that using technology to defeat fraud will change the way the world does business.
Changing the way Compliance Is Performed
Financial Crime
GDPR compliant
Market Abuse 
Trade Surveillance
Transaction Monitoring
Innovation is Key
We apply leading edge technology to make your business lead the market
In 2015, we were commissioned to review regulatory compliance software solutions in the market for a large global FX company. In the course of this project, we discovered that there were critical gaps between what was needed and what was available in the market. As a result, we were one of the first companies in the world to propose and deliver a real-time monitoring solution to identify malfeasance and fraud. We have stayed ahead through the introduction, implementation and innovation of leading edge technology. 
The Smart Technology Solution to Reducing Costs & Fraud.
Our platform utilises Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Blockchain technologies in addition to the more traditional filtering and analysis tools.

We have for a long time realised that bank-based solutions are constrained by the four walls of the institution, whereas the problem exists across the industry and is not limited to one firm or organization.

We often sit across the three main teams: Compliance, Business, and Technology. We use our understanding of the requirements to help ensure all parties have the same level of understanding, building common knowledge, vocabulary, and driver appreciation.

Reducing False Positives and increasing Real Positive identification. 360-degree view of historic issues, clustering, dip testing, and graphic data representation to reduce workloads and lower the costs of alert management. AI monitoring identifies new threats, risks, and attacks as they appear.
Two Products that Lead the World .
Robolitics™ an ultrafast analytics engine that looks for malfeasance and fraudulent behaviour. Robolitics™ is unique as a multi regulation solution and can cope with all asset classes including FX, Commodities, Equities Structured Products and even Crypto Currencies. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the largest and smallest institutions and is priced to match. Providing the level of coverage, control and reporting demanded of a tier 1 finance institution at a cost that meets the budget of much smaller institutions and will grow with you from a start up to a global enterprise. 

Dokstor a Digital Identity app that enables clients and customers to share documents securely in manner compliant with both GDPR and AML and CFT.
Sales & Development Teams
With sales team in London, New York and Asia and development based in our technology centre in Barcelona we deliver world beating technology. We help our clients reduce barriers and improve understanding between business, risk & compliance, and reducing the costs of operations in the process.

Our technology uses the latest advances including AI, Machine Learning and Neural Networks combined with Big data and the blockchain to improve quality and performance for a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.