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Heliocor Ltd, 288 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QP

Discover what Heliocor can offer your company: first, second, and third level protection against customer fraud and malfeasance.

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Pragmatically Combining Sector Knowledge and Technology
We are an award-winning Regtech company delivering solutions to the financial services industry and beyond. We help our clients cope with the ever-changing demands of regulation by providing solutions that meet all their compliance requirements.

We produce software focused on regulatory compliance within the financial services sector, helping the sector address the excesses of the previous decades and re-establish its once trusted and steadfast status. We build compliance tools for compliance professionals.

The senior management team has decades of experience working for some of the world’s leading finance companies. We know that using technology to defeat fraud will change the way the world does business. We are working to restore trust.

Changing the Way Compliance Is Done
Financial Crime
GDPR compliant
AI and Machine Learning 
Real Time 
Trade Surveillance
Transaction Monitoring
Innovation is Key
We create software that solves compliance problems - leaving you with more time and resource to do more for your customers.
In 2015, we were commissioned to review regulatory compliance software solutions in the market for a large global FX company. We discovered that there were critical gaps between what was needed and what was available in the market.
As a result, we were one of the first companies in the world to propose and deliver a real-time monitoring solution to identify malfeasance and fraud. We have stayed ahead of the game through innovation and the implementation of leading edge technology. 
Smart Technology that Reduces Fraud
Our platform utilises Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Network technologies to supplement more traditional filtering and analysis tools.

We often sit across the three main teams within a client organisation: Compliance, Business, and Technology. We use our in-depth understanding of the requirements to help ensure all parties have the same level of understanding,  building common knowledge, and delivering value to each stage of the process.

Our AI-enhanced monitoring identifies new threats, risks, and attacks, as they appear. Our tuneable software reduces false positives and increases real positive identification. We offer a 360-degree view of historic issues, clustering,  dip testing, and smart graphic data representation to reduce workloads, increase productivity and lower the costs of alert management. 
Products that Solve Problems for Compliance Teams
Robolitics™ is an ultrafast analytics engine that looks for malfeasance and fraudulent behaviour. Robolitics™ is unique as a multi-regulation solution. It can cope with all asset classes including FX, Commodities, Equities, Structured Products and even Cryptocurrencies. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of any financial institution - from the largest/most established to the smallest/newest. It provides the level of coverage, control and reporting demanded of a tier 1 financial institution at a cost that meets the budget of much smaller institutions. It can grow with you from a start up to a global enterprise. 

Dokstor is a KYC, On-Boarding, and Customer Lifecycle Mangement platform that enables clients and customers to share documents securely - in manner compliant with both GDPR and AML and CFT. We offer verification, validation and risk rating - all accelerating onboarding and improving the end-customer experience.