Start-ups why go it alone?

When you’re a start-up you have to make compromises, you sacrifice:

  • experience for cost
  • quality for cost
  • speed for cost
but why sacrifice ….   I suspect you’ve never considered using a partner to deliver your technology, maybe you think it’s too expensive, you are afraid to lose control or your business idea is too proprietary. We understand these concerns, and we have helped 100’s of companies to make the change and trust us to deliver their cutting edge solutions whether they are start-ups or major blue chip companies. We provide great technologists and great prices and great process designed to get you to market quicker with fewer problems. Our experienced multi lingual developers in Barcelona start from £250 per day, flexing our team to get you through launches and new releases and then scaling back to save cost; and unlike employees you don’t pay us when they are not delivering.   Want to know more give me a call 07779 557799 or email me on and lets start discussing how we can give you the time to focus on the building your business and customer base.