Heliocor Limited
Enabling the front line
We put the power of emerging technologies
directly into the hands of the compliance team
Heliocor’s mission is change the way the world does business; restoring trust. 

Our goal is to radically reduce the $100 billion+ annual cost of fraud globally by building an anti-fraud ecosystem based on our existing product families.

Heliocor’s foundation product is Robolitics, a high-speed data analytics engine, that helps financial institutions manage their compliance more effectively and much more cheaply than other solutions. Its proven technology, using AI, neural networks and machine learning, is working in Tier 1, 2 and 3 financial institutions today.

Heliocor also supports clients with Know your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) onboarding via its Dokstor suite of software. Dokstor is available in API/iFrame (linked to Robolitics) and App formats (in both the Play and App Stores).

Combining the two developed and delivered products with the leveraging power of blockchain, Heliocor intends to build world’s first global anti-fraud ecosystem. 

This will radically reduce and potentially eliminate identity fraud.

Putting emerging technology to work to solve difficult problems - bridging to the AI enabled future

Our people bring decades of experience to bear. We offer a unique combination of  Banking Knowledge + Technology Skill + Regulatory Expertise. 

This insight means we design and build real, usable, products and solutions with the front line in mind. We exploit the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networking and Machine Supported Learning to deliver software that is easy to use and adds real value. We call it 'tune-able' technology.

As a result, we bridge from yesterday's static, 'hard-wired' rules-based systems to the AI driven ’black box’ future , enabling institutions to manage their risk appetite directly and immediately.

Better customer experience, reduced compliance costs
Whether we are focused on digital identity or working with a client to create the ultimate tool to search for fraud, our focus is the same.

We understand what technology does well. We use AI, Neural Networks and Machine Learning to surface patterns and new threats in real time. As they happen, not once it's too late. 

Despite all the advances in technology, we know institutions still need well informed people to make the final decision with the right information at their fingertips.

To deliver a great customer experience, we know we must focus on identifying the real problems from the white noise, eliminating monotonous tasks and allowing highly skilled compliance teams to focus on added value activities.
We work in all areas of finance and related industries
We work in all areas of finance: investment banking, retail banking, wealth / asset management; the new challenger banks and FinTechs; and even the emerging powerhouses of cryptofinance. In fact, we work wherever proving identity is useful - putting us at the heart of the emerging digital economy.

We create solutions that enable these clients to deliver a much improved customer experience. Underpinning that is a world class level of surveillance and monitoring with enormous flexibility to respond to change. 

Our mission is to change the way the world does business; Restoring Trust