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What regulation challenges does the COVID-19 pandemic bring to financial institutions?

How can digitalization mitigate its risk and create potential opportunities?

Our hostess Roisin Hunter discusses these and other questions with Daniel Trinder, Senior Policy Advisor and Honorary Professor; Nick Andrews, Managing Director at Mpac Group; and Owen Hall, CEO at Heliocor.

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When: July 23rd at 2 pm (Greenwich time zone)
Where: Zoom Webinar


After an intensive 3-months selection process, Heliocor, the emerging RegTech company, proudly announces it has been selected for the 3rd Cohort of the Ping An Cloud Accelerator, powered by Sparklabs in China.

The “Ping An Cloud Accelerator https://www.robolitics.com/Powered by SparkLabs” program prepares innovative technology companies with aspirations and commitment to enter the China market. Furthermore, the participants receive expert advice and coaching by global thought leaders and have access to the international network of SparkLabs.

Ping An Group, which is the largest insurance company in China by market value and the 5th largest in the world, created the Accelerator. Moreover, it was also supported by the Futian Government in Shenzhen, China, and SparkLabs, the globally renowned accelerator and venture fund, sponsors the program.

The Accelerator focuses on 5 verticals: FinTech, HealthTech, Auto Tech, Real Estate Tech and Smart City. The program is highly selective with an acceptance rate of only 3%.  For this Cohort, over 550 applications were considered from 30 countries around the world, of which only 17 were chosen to join the programme. Heliocor’s transaction monitoring product – Robolitics™ – went through the rigorous evaluation process of business plan filtering, multiple rounds of video meetings, technology evaluation by teams from companies within the Ping An Group and the final selection committee evaluation.

Regarding the selection, Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director of Heliocor, commented, “We are delighted to be selected by Ping An to join their Cloud Accelerator. The programme has previously enabled emerging technology companies to rapidly accelerate their entry into the enormous financial services market in China. We look forward to working with Ping An to localise our suite of world class compliance products and build a substantial presence in China.”




Media Contacts

Roderick Cameron, Chief Strategy Officer, Heliocor Ltd, 20 Birchin Lane, London, EC2V 9DU



+44 (0)203 006 6412 / +44 (0) 7963050443


Elly Zhang, Director of Partnerships, Heliocor Ltd



+44 (0)203 006 6411


Investor Contacts

Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director, Heliocor Ltd


+44 (0)203 006 6405


Notes to Editors:  About Heliocor


Heliocor’s mission is change the way the world does business; restoring trust.


Our goal is to radically reduce the $100 billion+ annual cost of fraud globally by building an anti-fraud ecosystem based on our existing product families.


Heliocor’s foundation product is RoboliticsTM, a high-speed data analytics engine, that helps financial institutions manage their compliance more effectively and much more cheaply than other solutions. Its proven technology, using AI, neural networks and machine learning, is working in Tier 1, 2 and 3 financial institutions today.


Heliocor also supports clients with Know your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) onboarding via its Dokstor suite of software. Dokstor is available in API/iFrame (linked to RoboliticsTM) and App formats (in both the Play and App Stores).


Based in London, with a Technical Development Centre in Barcelona and a sales office in New York, Heliocor has been designed to be a global business – we already have an international client base and will shortly be opening offices in China and the Middle East.


Combining the two developed and delivered products with the leveraging power of blockchain, Heliocor intends to build world’s first global anti-fraud ecosystem. This will radically reduce and potentially eliminate identity fraud.



  • Sole UK winner, 3rd China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition

    • Winner, Financial Technology Professionals Finals

    • Winner, Internet and Mobile Internet (Information Technology) Finals

  • National Finalist, Tech Nation’s Rising Stars 2019


  • Winner, Most Promising KYC/AML/Compliance Checker for Security Tokens at ‘Security Tokens Realised’ Jan 2019


  • PwC Winter18 FinTech Scale Up Programme


Web resources:

About Ping An Cloud Accelerator Powered by SparkLabs:


The “Ping An Cloud Accelerator Powered by SparkLabs” program was designed to prepare innovative technology companies with aspirations and commitment to enter the China market.


The program was initiated by Ping An Group, one of the largest insurance and financial institutions globally, supported by the Futian Government in Shenzhen China, and sponsored by SparkLabs, a globally renowned accelerator and venture fund.


Applicants who are selected to join the Accelerator program will receive expert advice and coaching by global thought leaders and have access to the international network of SparkLabs. In addition, the selected companies will be exposed to the Ping An Cloud services and ecosystem.


During the 5-month Acceleration program, we will help the successful applicants optimize their business models, expand their business into China, and facilitate the next round of financing through D-Day and workshops.


Today, Heliocor’s managing director Vikas Tripathi has been shortlisted for the Director of the Year Awards for the 2019 IoD London & South Director of the Year Awards.  Heliocor is a London based regulatory, technology and consulting company that wants to change the way the world does business.

Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director of Heliocor said: “I am truly honored to be shortlisted as the Director of the Year Award. Working globally to restore trust in financial services is not only my job but is my passion. My vision as the Managing Director at Heliocor is to create the best possible regulation technology solutions for financial institutions globally.”

The finalists were chosen from the hundreds of directors that entered or were nominated across nine different categories. 


The expert judging panel will now convene to decide the overall winners to be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 20 June 2019 at the iconic 116 Pall Mall, the home of the Institute of Directors.


Mary Nightingale, newsreader and television presenter will host the ceremony alongside the Roger Tilling, best known as The Voice of University Challenge.


David Stringer-Lamarre, IoD London Chair said: “After a year of BREXIT ups and downs for business, it’s inspiring to see so many UK directors leading the way in good governance, leadership & business performance.


Visit www.iodawards.com/london-south for a full list of finalists and details on how to attend the event.


The winners from each of the thirteen categories will be automatically entered into the UK finals of the IoD Director of the Year Awards, providing the finalists with additional exposure and profile on a national stage as the ‘best of the best’ in British business.


The 2019 IoD Director of the Year Awards will take place at The Brewery, London, on the 18 October. For further details visit www.iodawards.com





Heliocor, the emerging RegTech restoring trust in financial services, based in the city of London, taps revolutionary new pathway to funds; raises $2.5m in tokenized preference shares. The amount was raised in scale up funding from High Net Worth investors using a brand new and potentially disruptive investment process. This is the first time this funding process has been used in the UK.

The offer was made in part through Globacap’s fundraising platform which uses a combination of public and private blockchains to create digital securities and in part by private placement. Globacap is an FCA regulated arranger and custodian, having progressed through the FCA’s regulatory sandbox programme.

This funding was achieved through the first of a series of preference shares offers in terms of which:

  • investors participate in 20% of Heliocor’s future profits after tax; and

  • their investment is represented by a digital token, using blockchain technology, rather than just a paper certificate, potentially providing significant liquidity should that digital token be listed.

    The funds raised are to be used to enhance the core products built by Heliocor’s Barcelona Technology Development Centre; launch and build the Dokstor app as a consumer brand; and accelerate international sales of RoboliticsTM, the high-speed data analytics engine.

    Heliocor has now begun promotion of the next round of its preference share offer, marketing exclusively to sophisticated/qualifying investors, to raise up to an additional $15m. In addition to bolstering its current offices in London, Barcelona and New York, that funding is intended to establish new sales offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and India in 2019.

    Owen Hall, CEO of Heliocor, commented, “We have decided to address a big and important global problem: tackling digital identity fraud and restoring trust in the system. It’s a big challenge, but one that Heliocor has the experience, the products and team to solve. We thank our investors for expressing their confidence in our vision and embracing blockchain technology as the conduit for funding to support our ambitious growth plans.”


Heliocor, an emerging regulatory technology company based in London, UK, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with LAN2LAN Limited based in Leatherhead, UK, for professional services and implementation of its AML/KYC offerings. This agreement will enable Heliocor to take advantage of LAN2LAN’s network infrastructure design and implementation skills to implement its fraud reducing products. LAN2LAN are able to offer support across a broad spectrum of installation options – from Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Secure Wireless, Mobility to CyberSecurity. This offers Heliocor’s clients huge flexibility to strengthen their due diligence and anti-fraud solutions. Heliocor’s Robolitics™ and Dokstor products make it simple to harness increased efficiencies, greater security and reduced costs associated with processing fraud detection during transactions (principally Know Your Client, “KYC” and Anti Money Laundering, “AML” checks) without needing to make significant or disruptive changes to existing infrastructure. “As businesses evolve, fraud detection and the safeguarding of digital identity will play an increasingly important role globally,” said Pankaj Vekria, Commercial Director of LAN2LAN. “Collaborating with Heliocor on the infrastructure and professional services level will allow us to expand our business, enabling our financial institution clients to access Robolitics™ integrated fraud detection and Dokstor’s seamless KYC & AML to protect them.” “Today, suppliers have to balance their own regulatory preferences with those of their customers’ compliance department – and those two don’t always sync up!” said Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director of Heliocor. “To deal with this, Robolitics™ is designed as a real-time Monitoring, Alerting & Reporting platform providing Cross Asset Class and Cross Regulation surveillance, integrated into a single platform. Dokstor is designed to improve the KYC and AML process, simplifying the document gathering and sharing process, and removing many of the traditional frustrations associated with the capture of documents for onboarding. Creating this type of seamless customer experience in the B2B space is extremely important to us and we look forward to working with Lan2Lan to grow our market share aggressively.” Media Contact:   Elly Zhang Director of Partnerships at Heliocor Email: media@heliocor.com Tel: +44 203 006 6411 Company Website: https://www.heliocor.com/ Pankaj K. Vekria MBA(Liv), FIoD Commercial Director at LAN2LAN Email: media@heliocor.com Tel: +44 203 006 6411 Company Website: https://www.lan2lan.com/

2019 年 2 月 19 日,伦敦新兴的监管技术公司 Heliocor 宣布与 CBX 建立战略合作伙伴关系, CBX 是一家立足于中东放眼全球的安全专业加密资产交易平台。 该合作旨在提高投资者对加密货币的参与度,同时加强 CBX 全球的机构投资者和散户投资者 完成身份验证的安全意识。 Heliocor 的旗舰产品 Dokstor 是完全符合 GDPR 标准的应用程 序,现已完全连接到 CBX 交易平台,允许 CBX 在全球客户范围内应用最新的了解你的客户 (“KYC”)和反洗钱(“AML”)条款。

CBX 首席执行官许明镇表示:“随着越来越多的机构和散户投资者进入加密货币市场,金融 科技公司看到了更多与这些投资者接触的机会。机构客户需要更复杂的解决方案,因此与 Heliocor 合作是 CBX 关注的重点之一:我们的客户将受益及被保护于市场上最有效的监管技 术。” Heliocor 董事总经理 Vikas Tripathi 表示:“来自区块链和加密货币的几家公司已经与我们达成 合作关系,来帮助他们克服不断变化的监管挑战。我们相信加密货币市场将成为我们技术的 关键应用市场,能够将我们在银行和金融机构中的深度监管和合规知识应用于区块链行业和 区块链公司。我们很高兴与 CBX 合作,为他们提供专业的尽职调查服务,并为他们的用户在 进入加密市场行业时增添信心,保驾护航。”

Strategic partnership to improve confidence of Middle East cryptocurrency participants

London, United Kingdom, 21st February 2019

Heliocor, an emerging regulation technology company based in London, UK, has announced a strategic partnership with CBX, a fully-integrated global cryptocurrency trading platform based in Middle East. The partnership is designed to improve investors’ engagement with cryptocurrencies while allowing for enhanced due diligence of both institutional investors and retail investors in the Middle East. Heliocor’s flagship product, Dokstor, is a fully GDPR compliant cross regulation onboarding application that is now fully integrated into CBX trading platform, allowing CBX to apply the latest Know your Client (“KYC”) and Anti Money Laundering (“AML’) checks to its wide range of clients globally. Meng Chan Shu, CEO of CBX, says: “As increasing numbers of institutional and retail investors move into the cryptocurrency market, financial technology companies are seeing more opportunities to engage with these investors. Institutional clients demand more sophisticated solutions, so working with Heliocor is a key focus for CBX: our customers will benefit from the most effective regulation technology available in the market.” Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director of Heliocor says: “Several companies from blockchain and cryptocurrency have engaged with us to help them overcome their ever-changing regulation challenges. We believe that cryptocurrency markets will form a key market for our technology, allowing us to apply our deep regulation and compliance knowledge in banking and financial institutions to further engage with the blockchain industry. We are delighted to be working with CBX to provide them with an enhanced due diligence capability and adding confidence to their users as they access the crypto market.”

Media Contacts:
Elly Zhang
Director of Partnerships at Heliocor
Email: media@heliocor.com Tel: +44 203 006 6411
Company Website: https://www.heliocor.com/

Clara Cham
Public Relations at CBX
Email: Clara@cbx.one
Moblie number: +971 521266087
Company Website: https://www.cbx.one/

Robolitics are our regulatory analytic templates designed to work with big data technologies to search for malfeasance. Our robots work independently. They are configured to analyse and trawl your data set, look for specific triggers, analyse client, user and trade data, monitor linked behaviours and  time series activity to identify breaches of “standards to behaviour” expected by your organisation and the regulations. They are built around standard malfeasance models but are individually configurable and tuneable, so that you fit them to the specific nature and sensitivities of your trading businesses. They can comply with regulatory expectations, and monitor and modify in order to beat people trying to game your systems. you can also adapt their sensitivity to ensure that you are neither swamped by reports nor missing tell-tale examples of near misses. Once a suspicious set of behaviour is identified, our robots flag these events for review to by the compliance team (and if necessary, escalate rapidly enough to block the trade). Alerts can then be either:
  • Marked as a near miss and flagged for near miss reporting, increasing the sensitivity parameters used to monitoring that individual moving forward, or
  • Recorded as suspicious and escalated internally and externally.
During the escalation process, Robolitics can also be configured to surface other similar historic “below the radar” in order to ensure the investigatory officer is presented with a complete case, reducing investigation time and cost.

Drowning in Data Lakes MASTER Whenever I talk to someone in a bank at the moment, I hear about projects looking at the application of big data technology to a number of business problems. But I don’t hear much about success of these projects. It is almost as if the technical team desperate not to be “caught on the hop” by a competitor bank launching a killer Big Data solution are thrusting forward regardless of a clear of mission for the project. However, without a clear use case, the exercise becomes academic and involves dumping as much data as possible into a data lake, hoping something useful will surface. At the outset, my view was this was the right approach, but the truth is that these data lakes aren’t helping, and the teams building them are going to drown in their own lake. Does this mean that big data is dead in banking? Far from it. In fact it is a fantastic tool set that just needs to be used appropriately in areas that help the bank meet its obligations and cut cost. Having just completed a big data strategy in a tier 1 bank, I can see a very clear and powerful use case in compliance. But you need to bring the business and the compliance teams with you, because driving the value out of the project is difficult, not because the value is limited but because the process is complex. With typical tier 1 / 2 banks now looking at cost of compliance supervision and regulation exceeding a $1B a year, and with the volume of fines banks are receiving, there is a point when they sink under the costs of compliance. Big data potentially offers the solution to this tsunami of costs. It can be used via smart algorithms running against relevant but comprehensive data sets stored on big data platforms, that provide a solution to an ever increasing army of manual oversight and checking and reporting. Heliocor’s recently launched Robolitics solution, designed to work with leading platforms, accelerates delivery of compliance tooling that is customisable and configurable to the data and processes in your business.Drowning in Data Lakes MASTER