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Heliocor Limited

Dear Readers,

Has another year passed already??? It doesn’t seem possible, but here we are in December… 2020 has clearly been unique, and we have all learned new ways of working and operating. Looking hopeful to next year and hoping that it is not as challenging as this.

Heliocor has responded to the challenges of Covid-19 by shifting strategies, intensifying our product’s new releases, and developing strong partnerships with global and regional organizations that recognize the quality and strength of our products. 

We launched a new version of the incredible KYC platform, Dokstor. We added supplier and employee monitoring and signed client to both. In this release, we offer our clients the ability to leverage a powerful web crawler that gathers information of companies from a long list of public sources, improving the data quality and speed of the KYB process. We have also fully overhauled our system for managing company ownership structures. With a new user interface for adding and editing directors and shareholders, the job of determining a company’s UBOs is easier and faster than ever.

And within our analytics products Robolitics and AlertMiner we have further enhanced our AI and Machine Learning functionality achieving some remarkable improvement in false-positive reduction and clustering of alerts to reduce investigation time.

In July, we also started a new project Heliocor ‘RegTech’ Webinar Series, for bringing more debate and information to the public. This is where we receive market specialists to discuss the main topics and challenges faced by Finance Services Institutions. On this project we already discussed:

· Regulations in the Post-COVID-19 World
· KYB – Challenges & Innovation
· The Role of Payment and Card Industries on a Post-Cash Landscape
· The Endless Crime Cycle Supported by Money Laundering

Still following the mindset of bringing debate and information, we also started our monthly briefing: Heliocor News with reports and analysis from the financial world.

In 2020 we also consolidated several partnerships with the world’s leading companies to provide innovative solutions that deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

In this unprecedented year, where the whole of society has been shaken, we have managed to maintain our momentum to enhance our products and strengthen our distribution channels. 

I wish you, your families, and communities a joyful and safe Holiday Season, and may 2021 bring us to brand new opportunities.


Owen Hall