Heliocor launches in the UK

Heliocor has nearly 700 developers and analysts and an enviable top tier client base. Skilled in both the traditional IT development technologies and award winning teams covering new technologies in the areas of mobile application development and server side application using PHP / Zend tool sets. We are all familiar with trying to balance tight budgets, volatile requirements and tight time-lines.  As a result we have all become familiar with outsourcing to India – and we are all familiar with the issues and trade-offs that result. Heliocor’s Barcelona team offers the solution:

  • Highly competitive rates*
  • A stable, highly skilled, and well educated workforce (Let’s also not forgetting the
  • Strong English language skills
  • European passports with no visa issues
  • Great cultural fit.
Because our team is based in Barcelona we only a 2 hour flight away; this makes it easy for our developers to be on site when needed, for instance during key project pressure points and go lives. Visit our website to understand more or call or email us to find out more about how Heliocor can place real project control back into your hands. Over the following months ill send you other emails about individual success stories and technologies as we bring them to the UK additionally I’d like to carry out some informal survey of hot IT topics of the day such as the rise of Mobility or is Big Data just a technology looking for a problem (the results obviously we will share). Kindest regards   Owen