Heliocor Launches Robolitics

Robolitics are our regulatory analytic templates designed to work with big data technologies to search for malfeasance. Our robots work independently. They are configured to analyse and trawl your data set, look for specific triggers, analyse client, user and trade data, monitor linked behaviours and  time series activity to identify breaches of “standards to behaviour” expected by your organisation and the regulations. They are built around standard malfeasance models but are individually configurable and tuneable, so that you fit them to the specific nature and sensitivities of your trading businesses. They can comply with regulatory expectations, and monitor and modify in order to beat people trying to game your systems. you can also adapt their sensitivity to ensure that you are neither swamped by reports nor missing tell-tale examples of near misses. Once a suspicious set of behaviour is identified, our robots flag these events for review to by the compliance team (and if necessary, escalate rapidly enough to block the trade). Alerts can then be either:

  • Marked as a near miss and flagged for near miss reporting, increasing the sensitivity parameters used to monitoring that individual moving forward, or
  • Recorded as suspicious and escalated internally and externally.
During the escalation process, Robolitics can also be configured to surface other similar historic “below the radar” in order to ensure the investigatory officer is presented with a complete case, reducing investigation time and cost.